Shaheen Akhtar

Shaheen Akhtar

শাহীন আখতার

Shaheen Akhtar

Shaheen Akhtar ( born February 1962 ) is a Bangladeshi female fiction writer. His famous novels are Talas , and there is no escape route . He received the Bangla Academy Award in 2016 for his contribution to fiction . Shaheen was born in 1962 in East Pakistan (present Bangladesh) in Chandina upazila of Comilla district . He passed the Bachelor of Economics from Dhaka University. Later he went to India and there he studied film making. Returned from India to India in 1997. His first work in career was the opportunity to create documentary films and to make his film. But it did not happen because of family unwillingness and marriage. Presently Shahin is the editor of the Media and Communication Department of Law and Salis center in Dhaka. Returning home from India in 1997, he started composing his first novel to escape . In this book, he describes two women living in the city alone about complexity and struggle. In 2004, he wrote his novel Taalab's novel.  During the Bangladesh War of Liberation, a woman tortured by a woman during a war and post-war history illustrated the painful picture. The book won that year's Prothom-alo award of About More..

Shaheen Akhtar Latest Books

Sokhi Rongomala
সখী রঙ্গমালা

শাহীন আখতার

BDT 250.00

Moyur Shinghashon
ময়ূর সিংহাসন (জেমকন সাহিত্য পুরস্কার ২০১৫)

শাহীন আখতার

BDT 450.00

Rising from the Ashes: Women’s Narratives of 1971
রাইজিং ফ্রম দি এশেসঃ ওমেন'স ন্যারেটিভস অফ ১৯৭১

শাহীন আখতার

BDT 700.00

Srimotir Jibondorshon
শ্রীমতীর জীবনবাসন

শাহীন আখতার

BDT 50.00

Golpo O Uponnash Shomogro -2
গল্প ও উপন্যাস সমগ্র -২

শাহীন আখতার

BDT 750.00

Shoti O Shotontora-2
সতী ও স্বতন্তরা ২য় খণ্ড

শাহীন আখতার

BDT 550.00

Shoti O Shotontora-1
সতী ও স্বতন্তরা ১ম খণ্ড

শাহীন আখতার

BDT 650.00

Golposhomogro-1 [SA]
কমরেড অনুর অপরাহ্ন

শাহীন আখতার

BDT 300.00

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