Ashraf Siddiki

Ashraf Siddiki

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

Ashraf Siddiki

Ashraf Siddiqui (born 1 March, 1927 ) is a Bengali literary. One of the writers, Ashraf Siddiqui, who has enriched the Bengali literature of the twentieth century. He wrote more than 500 poems. Deep research has been done by the people of Bengal. He was one of the writers, short story writers, novelists, folklorists, and children writers. In 1964, for his contribution to Bengali literature Bengali Academy Award and in 1988 the Government of Bangladesh given by the highest civilian honor awarded on was awarded. Ashraf Siddiqui was born on 1 March 1927 in Nagbari village under Kalihati upazila of Tangail. His father Abdus Sattar Siddiqui was an amateur homo doctor and chairman of union panchayat and union board. Mother Samarine was a natural poet. After the country's partition, a school teacher committed suicide by killing her family. This incident shook him and his inspiration became the inspiration for writing. He wrote a poem named Talib Master , which in 1950 became the title of Taleb Master and other poetry poetry compositions. Then, his poetry was published seven brothers Champa, poison, and northern stars. In 1965, Rabeya Apa debuted as a story writer. But the boy with the melting point About More..

Ashraf Siddiki Latest Books

Mojar Mojar Onkogulo
মজার মজার অঙ্কগুলো

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

BDT 60.00

Smritir Aynay
স্মৃতির আয়নায় চার খণ্ড একত্রে

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

BDT 200.00

Zilla, Upozilla O Nod-Nodir Namkoroner Etihas
জেলা, উপজেলা ও নদ-নদীর নামকরণের ইতিহাস

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

BDT 600.00

Ulta Palta Jokes Montu Vai Shocks
উল্টা পাল্টা জোক্‌স মন্টু ভাই ‍Shocks

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

BDT 150.00

Ulta Palta Jokes Genjam Vai Rocks
উল্টা পাল্টা জোক্‌স গ্যাঞ্জাম ভাই Rocks

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

BDT 150.00

Tomar Keertir Cheye Tumi Je Mohot Gyansadhok Muhammod Abu Talib Sharokgorontho
তোমার কীর্তির চেয়ে তুমি যে মহৎ (জ্ঞানসাধক মুহম্মদ আবু তালিব স্মারকগ্রন্থ)

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

BDT 500.00

Rabindranater Shantiniketon
রবীন্দ্রনাথের শান্তিনিকেতন

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

BDT 125.00

Purbobonge Moymonshingho Geetika Vol 2
পূর্ব্ববঙ্গ মৈমনসিংহ-গীতিকা (২য় খণ্ড)

আশারাফ সিদ্দিকী

BDT 350.00

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