Dr. Mijanur Rahman

Dr. Mijanur Rahman

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

Dr. Mijanur Rahman

Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman was born in 1956 in Gaibandha. Higher education took the former Soviet Union Diploma in journalism from the Moscow University of Russia in 1979. In 1981, he passed the post-graduate degree in Law in the first class. PhD in 1984. He is a Fulbright scholar. He did PGD in the legal studies from Sweden University of Stockholm in 1985 and MCL in 1992. Apart from taking out higher education, he also did the teaching. The Visiting Professor of Oslo University in Norway was in 2009. And in 2006 he was at the UMEO University of Sweden.He started his career as a law professor at Rajshahi University, but joined the law department of Dhaka University in 1989. The chairman of the department has also served a few days. He has been teaching there until 2010. He joined the National Human Rights Commission in June of that year.There are ten research-oriented books in his book. Mother Teresa Gold Medal has been received by Mother Teresa Research Council. Recently got the most honorable 'NR Madhav Menon Best Law Teacher Award 2010' for teachers of SAARC region. Besides, he has been working with the aim of establishing various organizations and About More..

Dr. Mijanur Rahman Latest Books

Bachun Deerghodin
বাঁচুন দীর্ঘদিন

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

BDT 175.00

Nari Purusher Jouno Shomossha O Shomadhan
নারী পুরুষের যৌন সমস্যা ও সমাধান

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

BDT 120.00

Oshukh Bishukh Dure Rakhun
অসুখ বিসুখ দূরে রাখুন

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

BDT 250.00

Shishur Jotno
শিশুর যত্ন

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

BDT 100.00

Rokter Joto Osukh
রক্তের যত অসুখ

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

BDT 75.00

Swanirbachito Uponnash
স্বনির্বাচিত উপন্যাস

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

BDT 150.00

Krantikaler Kotokotha [SP]
ক্রান্তিকালের কতকথা

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

BDT 400.00

Ma O Meyer Shastho Shomossha
মা ও মেয়ের স্বাস্থ্য সমস্যা

ডঃ মিজানুর রহমান

BDT 150.00

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