Humayun Ahmed

Humayun Ahmed

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

Humayun Ahmed

Humayun Ahmed ( November 13 , 1948 - July 19 , 2012 ) is one of the most popular Bengali fiction writers of the 20th century . He was considered the best writer after the independence of Bangladesh . He is a novelist , short story writer , playwright and songwriter . He is said to be the pioneer of modern Bengali science fiction. He also won the Drama and the Film Director. The number of his published books is more than three hundred. He is the father of the new style of dialogue in Bengali fiction. Several of his books have been translated into various parts of the world, Several books are included in the curriculum of the school-college university. From the end of the seventies to the beginning, he was an unmatched artisan of Bangla story-novel. In this period, the popularity of his novels and novels was unmatched. Himu and Mimi Ali and white characters created by him have deeply inspired the young people of Bangladesh. Scientific fiction is also involved in his creation. It is believed that he started the popularity of scientific fiction in Bangladesh. The first science fiction he wrote for his " Love for About More..

Humayun Ahmed Latest Books

Sreshtho Romantice Uponyash [HA]
শ্রেষ্ঠ রোমান্টিক উপন্যাস

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

BDT 600.00

Himur Rupali Ratri
হিমুর রূপালী রাত্রি

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

BDT 200.00

Himu Ebong Ekti Russian Pori
হিমু এবং একটি রাশিয়ান পরী

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

BDT 150.00

Surjer Din
সূর্যের দিন

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

BDT 100.00

Sheet O Onnanno Golpo
শীত ও অন্যান্য গল্প

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

BDT 120.00


হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

BDT 100.00

Bhoutik Omonibash [HA]
ভৌতিক অমনিবাস

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

BDT 500.00


হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

BDT 100.00

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