Abdush Shakoor

Abdush Shakoor

আব্দুশ শাকুর

Abdush Shakoor

Abdus Shakur (born February 25 , 1941 - died January 15 , 2013 ) is an established Bangladeshi fiction, essayist, essayist, Rabindra-researcher, musician and rose-expert. He received Ekushey Padak in 2014 as recognition of his work .  He received special recognition for romance.Abdus Shakur was born on February 25, 1941 in Rameshwarpur village under Sudharam thana of Noakhali district . Father Maqbool Ahmad and mother Phayjunnesa He is the youngest of two brothers and sisters. He passed the Kamil from Dhaka Aliya Madrasa. MA in Honors with English Literature from Dhaka University and MS in Development Economics from the I.S.D of Netherlands in 1980. Firstly teaching English literature in the university, later joining the central civil service of Pakistan and retiring from career in 2000 as the secretary of Bangladesh government . They study various topics and in different languages. Written stories, novels, plays and essays. But his position in the writings is undeniably prominent.Abdus Shakur's five-page book 'Story Samagr' is rich in elements of being sustainable in the field of Bengali fiction. Explains why he is known as the country's leading writer in the romantic comedy of his five hundred page. His rosary related researches, especially Golap Sangrama, About More..

Abdush Shakoor Latest Books

Rochonaboli-1 [Abdus S]

আব্দুশ শাকুর

BDT 500.00

Katateo Golap Thake
কাঁটাতে গোলাপও থাকে

আব্দুশ শাকুর

BDT 250.00

Kata Te Golap O Thake (3nd Part)
কাঁটাতে গোলাপও থাকে (৩য় পর্ব)

আব্দুশ শাকুর

BDT 375.00

Uttor Dokkhin Shonglap
উত্তর-দক্ষিণ সংলাপ

আব্দুশ শাকুর

BDT 180.00

Nirbachito Korcha
নির্বাচিত কড়চা

আব্দুশ শাকুর

BDT 300.00

Katateo Golap Thake-2
কাটাতে গোলাপও থাকে (২য় খণ্ড)

আব্দুশ শাকুর

BDT 370.00


আব্দুশ শাকুর

BDT 250.00

Totka O Jhamela
টোটকা ও ঝামেলা

আব্দুশ শাকুর

BDT 150.00

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