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Dhruv Es

Dhruv is a Bangladeshi artist who specializes in art as a cover artist. He also wrote poems and stories. After mid-1990s, he painted the cover of most of the prominent novelist Humayun Ahmed . He also served publishing the monthly magazine rahasyapatrikara industry is working as an editor. Dhruv was born in Sunamganj in 1967 . He used to have a habit of studying mother's books in his childhood, and only then would he become the cover artist. In this desire, the University of Dhaka studied in the arts. He currently lives in Dhaka's Nayapaltan . His appearance as a craftsman in the mid-1990s His penchant for abstract design was noticed. He used bright colors on the cover. His remarkable work attracted the publisher and writers and writers. Initially, he used to cover the book of Imdadul Haque Milon . Later, through the publishers, Humayun Ahmed was introduced and the information was developed. Since then, most of Humayun's cover books cover Dhrub. he says:"Some people gave me credit for bringing modernity to the cover industry, but its main credit was Humayun Ahmed, he told me the first time that I will not have to draw a figure on the cover About More..

Dhruv Es Latest Books

Ekoda, Ek Juddhe
একদা, এক যুদ্ধে

হাসনাত আবদুল হাই

BDT 150.00

Indira Road
ইন্দিরা রোড


BDT 220.00

Oporup Europe
অপরূপ ইউরোপ

সাকিল চৌধুরী

BDT 160.00

Komola Ronger Dinguli
কমলা রঙের দিনগুলি

আসমা আব্বাসী

BDT 130.00

Rajarajrar Goppo
রাজরাজড়ার গপ্পো

এখ্‌লাসউদ্দিন আহ্‌মদ

BDT 160.00

Sanai [Agme Prk]

মোর্শেদা জামান লিজি

BDT 250.00

Shat Doshoker Cchorasomoggro
ষাট দশকের ছড়াসমগ্র

আবু সালেহ

BDT 300.00

Shrestho Cina Kobita
শ্রেষ্ঠ চীনা কবিতা

ফয়েজ আহ্‌মদ

BDT 200.00

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