Abul Maal Abdul muhit

Abul Maal Abdul muhit

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

Abul Maal Abdul muhit

Abul Maal Abdul Muhith (born October 6, 1934) is a renowned economist, writer and philanthropist from Bangladesh. Besides, he has been serving as the Finance Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina since 2009.He was born in Sylhet (formerly Shreehatta) district of Bangladesh. Abul Maal Abdul Muhith passed the first division in the Higher Secondary Examination from MC College, Sylhet in 1951 . Later, he was admitted to the University of Dhaka in the BA (Honors) category in English Literature . From there he got his first class in 1954 and got his post-graduation degree in 1955 . During his career abroad, he studied at Oxford University . He got an MPA degree from Harvard University in 1963-64 academic year. Marriage is his wife Syeda Sabya Muhit, a designer. They have two sons and a daughter. Samia Muhit is a banker and a specialist in currency policy sector. Their eldest son Shahed Muhit is a teacher and Samir Muhith, a younger son, is a teacher. Besides, he is also the author of Abul Maal Abdul Muhith, he is also a writer. He has written 21 books including memoirs 'Memories Amalan 1971'. The contents of the books are basically related to administration and About More..

Abul Maal Abdul muhit Latest Books

Bongobondhu O Bangladsh
বঙ্গবন্ধু ও বাংলাদেশ

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

BDT 250.00

Smriti Ashlan 1971
স্মৃতি অম্লান ১৯৭১

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

BDT 400.00

Sankot O Sujog
সংকট ও সুযোগ

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

BDT 500.00

Sritimoy Kormojibon
স্মৃতিময় কর্মজীবন

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

Sonali Dinguli
সোনালী দিনগুলি

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

Tottabodhayok Shorkarer Shatash Mas
তত্বাবধায়ক সরকারের সাতাশ মাস

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

BDT 250.00

ইকনোমি অফ বাংলাদেশ

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

BDT 300.00

Amader Biponnya Poribesh
আমাদের বিপন্ন পরিবেশ

আবুল মাল আব্দুল মুহিত

BDT 160.00

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