Nasreen Jahan

Nasreen Jahan

নাসরীন জাহান

Nasreen Jahan

Nasrin Jahan ( Date : March 5 , 1964 ) is a Bangladeshi writer, novelist, and literary editor. He started writing from the beginning of the eighties. He received fame through the novel of Urukku .  The novel received the Phillips Literary Award. Besides, he received the Bangla Academy Award for his overall contributions to Bengali literature . Nasrin Jahan is involved in literary works from Kishoreo. Since establishing in 1983, he took part in the study group of the Mymensingh Sahitya Sangsad. There he got acquainted with poet Nirmalendu Gunan. He wrote his first novel after publishing stories of stories of stagnant youth , shattered shadow , path, hey cat , all night cats . The first novel written by him is the Flying Star . Kaiser Haque translated the novel into English. For this novel, he won the Philips Literary Award in 1994. Chandra's first banana in his second novel, published in 1994 . This novel by Rupakathadhari received lesser response than the first one. His novel, written in the Ekushey Book Fair in 1995When Chandralekha's magic and Liberation war are coming out, the lights around it are coming out . The following year, Ekushey Book Fair About More..

Nasreen Jahan Latest Books

Charti Kishor Upannash
চারটি কিশোর উপন্যাস

নাসরীন জাহান

BDT 300.00

Pachti Uponnash
পাঁচটি উপন্যাস

নাসরীন জাহান

BDT 500.00

Megher Shonali Chul
মেঘের সোনালী চুল

নাসরীন জাহান

BDT 50.00

Shornoloker Ghora
স্বর্ণলোকের ঘোড়া

নাসরীন জাহান

BDT 150.00

Pakhi Tumi Hsedin Rate Kedechile Keno?
পাখি তুমি সেদিন রাতে কাঁদছিলে কেন?

নাসরীন জাহান

BDT 75.00

Shreshto Golpo [NJ]
শ্রেষ্ঠ গল্প

নাসরীন জাহান

BDT 500.00

Poth He Poth
পথ হে পথ

নাসরীন জাহান

BDT 100.00

Chil Pakhir Neel Thote
চিল পাখির নীল ঠোঁটে

নাসরীন জাহান

BDT 80.00

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