Mamunur Rashid

Mamunur Rashid

মামুনুর রশীদ

Mamunur Rashid

Mamunur Rashid  is a renowned Bangladeshi playwright, actor and dramatist. Freedom is a pioneer of the stage movement of northern Bangladesh. In his dramatic work, noted social awareness. Class struggle is an important subject in his play. He has also written numerous plays and plays for TV. Performing drama and drama on various social issues, class struggle, and the movement of the rights of small casteism, Mamunur gave Rashid a different place in the drama world of Bangladesh. Mamunur Rashid was born on 29 February. Since the lipaiyara the day comes 4 years later.In 1967, he started writing dramas for television in East Pakistan, whose content was mainly family. He also wrote comedy plays at that time. His real love for theatrical industry started in his own village, in Tangail, with his intimate identity as a traveler and folk culture. His journey of acting impressed his dramatic influence. In 1971, he joined the liberation war of Bangladesh and was involved with Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. During the war of liberation, he tried to stage his first drama 'Westward Stairs' in Rabindrasadan of Calcutta; But before the liberation of the country on December 16, The play has not yet been About More..

Mamunur Rashid Latest Books

Manush [Agme Prk]

মামুনুর রশীদ

BDT 60.00

Natokshomogro -1 [MR]

মামুনুর রশীদ

BDT 450.00

Natoksamoggro-2 [MR]

মামুনুর রশীদ

BDT 500.00

Natoksamoggro-3 [MR]

মামুনুর রশীদ

BDT 500.00

Showkot Alomer Bhut Bhobisshot
শওকত আলমের ভূত-ভবিষ্যত

মামুনুর রশীদ

BDT 50.00

Politics And Society In Bangladesh [Sbn]
পলিটিক্স এন্ড সোসাইটি ইন বাংলাদেশ

বদরুদ্দীন উমর

BDT 350.00

Jiboner Cycle
জীবনের সাইকেল

মামুনুর রশীদ

BDT 200.00


মামুনুর রশীদ

BDT 80.00

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