Dijen Sharma

Dijen Sharma

দ্বিজেন শর্মা

Dijen Sharma

Dwijen Sharma (born 29 May 1929 ) is a Bangladeshi naturalist, biologist and science writer. He taught at the Botany Department of Notre Dame College from 1962 to 1974 .  He also had a direct role in constructing the natural environment of Notre Dame College.Dwijen Sharma was born on 29 May 1929 in the village of Shimulia of Barlakha thana [then] in Sylhet division . His father's name is Vishak Chandrakand Sharma and mother's name is Magnayamayi Devi. Baba was a poet or a poet, and his mother was a social worker. As a child , many people have traveled in the forest of Patharia , and from there, their infinite love for plants is born. There were many trees in the garden of the house, according to "Kaviraj Ghar", among which there were goldcaps, Kanakchampa, Madhumtalati and various colorful flowers. Due to the end of spring after the spring, when the swelling of the swollen whole house, Dwijen Sharma raised flowers of Puja in the morning . At that time, Dwijen Sharma fell in love with nature.He started his childhood in his childhood. Then he studied at Karimganj Public High School. Although the mother wanted to be a About More..

Dijen Sharma Latest Books

Ek Sarjoner Attokatha (Nicolai Amosov)
এক সার্জনের আত্মকথা(নিকোলাই আমোসভ)

দ্বিজেন শর্মা

BDT 250.00

Bharotborser Itihash
ভারতবর্ষের ইতিহাস

দ্বিজেন শর্মা

BDT 1000.00

Nirbachito Prabandho O Boktita Sangkalon Shikkha
নির্বাচিত প্রবন্ধ ও বক্তৃতা সংকলন শিক্ষা

দ্বিজেন শর্মা

BDT 350.00

Jiboner Shesh Nei
জীবনের শেষ নেই

দ্বিজেন শর্মা

BDT 200.00

Gacher Katha Fuler Katha
গাছের কথা ফুলের কথা

দ্বিজেন শর্মা

BDT 160.00

Udvitsabab : Gachpalar Bichitro Jibonkothon
উদ্ভিদস্বভাব : গাছপালার বিচিত্র জীবনকথন

জায়েদ ফরিদ

BDT 700.00

Shamoly Nisarggo
শ্যামলী নিসর্গ

দ্বিজেন শর্মা

BDT 400.00


দ্বিজেন শর্মা

BDT 150.00

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