Anisul Hoque

Anisul Haque (born March 4, 1965) is a Bangladeshi poet , writer , playwright and journalist . At present, he is working as the editor of Daily Prothom Alo and editor of Kishor Lighting . His book written on the true facts of the period of liberation war is very popular in his mother book.  Alongside the Bangla language, the book has been published from Delhi to English  and from Bhubaneswar Anisul Huq was born in Nilphamari of Rangpur division . His father's name was Mofazzal Haque and mother's name Mosammat Anwara Begum His wife's name is Marina Yasmin. Paramita only daughter.He got the SSC from Rangpur Zila School in 1981. And HSC from Rangpur Carmichael College in 1983 . Passed. Rajshahi Education Board has merit list for both examinations. In the combined merit list of SSC exam, he got 8th place in the 3rd and HSC combined merit list. After graduation from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology ( BUET ) Civil Engineering Department. Anisul Haque passed the Bangladesh Civil Service Examination and joined the Railway Department of Bangladesh Government in 1996 . Shortly after leaving the job they left for journalism. He was the editor of About More..

Anisul Hoque Latest Books

Asole Ayur Cheye Boro Sadh Tar Akash Dekhar
আসলে আয়ুর চেয়ে বড়ো সাধ তার আকাশ দেখার

আনিসুল হক

BDT 40.00

Sopno o Sopno Bhonger Deshe
স্বপ্ন ও স্বপ্নভঙ্গের দেশে

আনিসুল হক

BDT 240.00

Goddocartoon (Boc)

আনিসুল হক

BDT 150.00

Kotha Cartoon
কথা কার্টুন

আনিসুল হক

BDT 135.00

Ondhokarer aksho Bochor
অন্ধকারের একশ বছর

আনিসুল হক

BDT 120.00

Akasher Thikanay
আকাশের ঠিকানায়

আনিসুল হক

BDT 200.00

Shreshtho Hasir Golpo [Ah]
শ্রেষ্ঠ হাসির গল্প

আনিসুল হক

BDT 400.00

Sreshtho Kishor Golpo [Ah]
শ্রেষ্ঠ কিশোর গল্প

আনিসুল হক

BDT 160.00

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