Wakil Ahmed

Wakil Ahmed

ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

Wakil Ahmed

Wakil Ahmed is a Bengali language writer who has been working as Professor of Bangla Language and Literature at the University of Long Distance . He is renowned for literary research and criticism.Dr. Wakil Ahmed was born on April 5, 1941 in Azadnagar, Shutti thana of murshidabad district of West Bengal . Her father's name was Reazuddin Biswas and mother's name Habiba Begum.Wakil Ahmed passed matriculation examination from Nimitita Goursandur Dwarkanath High School School in Murshidabad in 1956. In the Department of Science, he passed Intermediate examination from Jangipur College in Murshidabad in 1958. He got his graduation degree from Central Calcutta College in 1960 in Bengal. He passed M. M. in Bengal from Calcutta University in 1962. Finally he obtained PhD in 1972 from Dhaka University. Her Ph.D. Thesis title: Name of the folk literature of folk literature of Bengal . In 1980, he received D, Lit from Calcutta University. The subject of his research at this time was the section of the thoughts and thoughts of the Bengali Muslim in the nineteenth century . Professor Waqir Ahmed has always taught Bangla Department of Dhaka University. He started researching and writing and published from the beginning of his career. About More..

Wakil Ahmed Latest Books

Bangla Kabber Roop O Bhasha
বাংলা কাব্যের রূপ অ ভাষা

ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

BDT 100.00

Marfoti O Murshidi Gaan
মারফতি ও মুর্শিদি গান

ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

BDT 150.00

Banglar Charu O Karu Lokshilpo
বাংলার চারু ও কারু লোকশিল্প

ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

BDT 800.00

Bangla Lokshahitto Chora
বাংলা লোকসাহিত্য ছড়া

ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

BDT 400.00


ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

BDT 125.00

Gonomaddhom O Adibashi
গণমাধ্যম ও আদিবাসী

ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

BDT 275.00

Ghatu Gan
ঘাটু গান

ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

BDT 80.00

Probad O Probochon
প্রবাদ ও প্রবচন

ওয়াকিল আহমেদ

BDT 150.00

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