Shawkat Osman

Shawkat Osman

শওকত ওসমান

Shawkat Osman

Shawkat Osman ( English : Shawkat Osman ; January 2, 1917-May 14, 1998 ) is a thinker, writer and fiction writer from Bangladesh. His paternal name is Sheikh Azizur Rahman . He has made significant contributions throughout the plays, stories, novels, essays, comedy, political writings, child-adolescent literature. For the liberation war and secularism, he was a prominent voice.   Slave smile is a popular historical novel by her. He was awarded Ekushey Padak , Bangla Academy Award and Independence Day Award , as a recognition of his lifetime contribution to the movement of literature, culture and freedom of speech. - These three were awarded.He was born on January 2 , 1917 in village Vajal Singhpur of Hooghly district of West Bengal . Father Sheikh Mohammad Ehia, mother Gulzan Begum In the University of Maktab, Madrasah, College and Calcutta studied. He started studying at Alia Madrasa in Kolkata but later he completed his graduation in St. Xavier's College and Economics at Calcutta University . But he obtained MA degree in Bengali from the same university . After passing the IA, he worked for some time in the Department of Information of Kolkata Corporation and the Government of Bengal. After passing About More..

Shawkat Osman Latest Books


শওকত ওসমান

BDT 450.00

Montobbo Mregoya
মন্তব্য মৃগয়া

শওকত ওসমান

BDT 70.00

Boni Adam [Somoy Prk]
বণী আদম

শওকত ওসমান

BDT 150.00

Kishorshomogro-1 [S Osman]

শওকত ওসমান

BDT 200.00

Kishorshomogro-2 [S Osman]

শওকত ওসমান

BDT 200.00

Doi Soinik [Somoy Prk]
দুই সৈনিক

শওকত ওসমান

BDT 100.00

Kalratri Khandachitra
কালরাত্রি খণ্ডচিত্র

শওকত ওসমান

BDT 60.00

Uttorporb Mujibnogor
উত্তরপর্ব মুজিবনগর

শওকত ওসমান

BDT 800.00

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